“Many big international corporations seemed to benefit from the crisis. If we could encourage Americans to buy American first, then we could all work together to strengthen our country, our communities, and our neighbors. I am proud to be one of the very first members of the American First Business Alliance. I feel like I have found a home with patriotic people.”

Tracy, Independent Business Owner

Goods imported to the US annually.
Americans who would prefer to buy American goods.
Share of manufacturing jobs in the American workforce.

American business owners are reeling from hits — COVID lockdowns, urban riots, supply chain nightmares.

It seems like governments and business associations cater to big international businesses, while smaller independent businesses are left to fend for themselves.

In the last year, have you wondered…

  • Who is on our side?

  • Does anyone appreciate our contributions to our country and community?

  • Why does it feel like the government works against me instead of for me?

  • How can we promote the benefits of Made in America?

Buy American First

Buying American made products benefits us all and makes our country stronger.

America First Business Alliance believes every business is essential.

Our mission is to support businesses producing American-made goods and services by helping them connect to consumers — those with the power of change in their pockets.

Together, we will make America stronger. Join the American Business Alliance today!